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Information and communications technology has played a significant role in the Sacco over the years and has made the Sacco industry more competitive. ICT allows the Sacco to cater to the needs of members by strengthening their internal control systems which are then backed by effective communications mechanisms.

At Kimisitu Sacco, Technology is no longer being used simply as a means for automating processes. Instead it is being used as a revolutionary means of delivering services to members.



Key roles in ICT include:

    • Designing and implementing ICT strategies and policies
    • Setting and maintaining a secure ICT infrastructure
    • Enhancing customer satisfaction by setting up systems to enable members access their statements online and also to make remitance using thier phones e.g. M-Pesa
    • Members can access their accounts from anywhere by just logging into the Sacco’s web portal and entering your member number and password. You can check your account information and perform transactions from anywhere via a smartphone, laptop, or any other Internet-accessible device.
    • Designing and Maintaining an interactive website to ensure members get up to date information

The ICT Department is headed by the ICT Manager.

Our Mission

We are committed to championing the financial independence of all our members. We offer ourselves as partners for life.