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Mon - Fri 08.00 - 05.00

Our Finance Department is headed by Purity Ntoiti whose key objective is to maintain the Society’s financial stability through sound financial and management practices. We are committed to the highest standards of accountability, accuracy, timeliness, professionalism and innovation in providing financial services to all our members and other stakeholders

Our team is responsible for the basic day to day bookeeping of the sacco books of accounts to providing information to assist management and Board of Directors in making strategic decisions.

Our key roles include:

  • Designing and implementing finance strategies and policies
  • Preparation of Financial statements and monthly management reports inlcuding accounts and ledger reconcilliations
  • Management of the society cash flows through prudent measures as approved from time to time
  • Prepare society budgets and ensure implementation of adequate budgetary controls
  • Update member statements accurately and on time through check offs , bank transfers & deposits and MPESA.
  • Administer society payments as per the approved policy.


Our Mission

We are committed to championing the financial independence of all our members. We offer ourselves as partners for life.