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For organized groups and Chamas to undertake long term land and housing projects for its members, for their individual residential or investment purposes.


  • For buying of land, we can give up to 100% financing
  • For housing projects, we offer up to 105% financing (Including processing fee and insurance cover for the house). We can also advance money to buy or build income generating housing units
  • Repayments Period: 60 Months for Land
  • 144 – 180 Months for Housing
  • Interest Rate: 1.2% per month on reducing balance
  • Monthly loan repayments (ability to pay) pegged on Chama monthly contributions
  • Security: Loan MUST be fully secured by a conventional collateral e.g. Title Deed, Guarantors, FD certificates or logbooks.
  • Chama deposits to be held in lien as additional collateral for the loan


  • Consistency in contributions to be observed i.e. 6 months average monthly contribution
  • Duly filled loan application form signed and SEALED by the Chama
  • Certificate of incorporation (SEALED copy)
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (SEALED copy)
  • SEALED Resolution to borrow by the directors of the Chama in Kimisitu Sacco Format
  • Contribution Schedule (Monthly)
  • Company KRA PIN copy
  • Directors ID/ KRA PINs copies
  • Copy of title and sale agreement if the Chama is buying property or bill of quantities if doing construction
  • 6 Months Chama statements
  • Targeting incorporated chamas (Chamas will be incorporated to Limited liability Companies)

Our Mission

To empower members economically by providing quality financial services through prudent mobilization of resources and excellent customer care.