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Kimisitu FOSA FAQs

What is FOSA?

It stands for Front Office Service Activity. It is a transactional SACCO account that offers banking services like those offered by Commercial Banks.

Who can join the FOSA?

 All SACCO members are eligible to join FOSA.

What services are offered in FOSA

  • Savings Products - FOSA Account, Junior Account
  • Credit Products-Salary advance, Mobile Loan, FOSA loans, Business Loans, among others.
  • Other services – Salary Processing, Loan processing, Dividend payment, Refund payment, Sale of bankers’ cheque, EFT & RTGS transfers, standing orders.


Benefits of FOSA to the members 

  • Salary Processing for all SACCO loans done through the FOSA account
  • Savings/Transactional account for member’s daily operations and transactions
  • Salary processing account with no salary processing fees
  • A wide range of FOSA loans available for members whose salaries pass through the Kimisitu FOSA account
  • Convenient accessibility through mobile banking, STO (standing orders), banker’s cheques e.t.c
  • OTC (over the counter) withdrawals available

How to Activate your FOSA Account

FOSA account activation process flow.

  1. Login to the portal 
  2. My Accounts 
  3. View on FOSA Account – Confirm that all details are correct, photo, signature, and all personal information 
  4. If the personal information not up to date, update profile and send to Kimisitu for approval. 
  5. Upon approval, the updated profile will be visible from the FOSA account view button 
  6. Approve account if all your details are correct and up to date 
  7. After approval, your account will be active for utilization.

N/B: All new members will automatically be enrolled to both BOSA and FOSA.


Our Mission

To empower members economically by providing quality financial services through prudent mobilization of resources and excellent customer care.